Data Science and Analytics: Double Check Consulting

What does Double Check Consulting do in the space of data science and analytics? We’ve access to talent, domain experts, and with more than 100 algorithms, expertise in several use cases; some examples are below: –

  1. Big Data Exploration: our professional services utilize Data Science and Visualization concepts that extract Questions, Hypotheses and use cases that enhance learning, understanding and monetizing stages from client’s Big-Data-as-service.
  2. Big Data Exploration as a service: Statistical Services from a Use case provided by the client and optimizes stale Predictive and Prescriptive analytics models to make and/ or save money.  
  3. Enhanced 360-degree view of Customer: find new use case from client’s Data Lake (service) and build Statistical models to make and/ or save Money. It also includes looking for ways to improve Operational Efficiencies and better customer focus.  
  4. Insurance Industry Analytics (analytics-as-a-service and software-as-service):  a. we offer clinical domain and statistical expertise (Descriptive, Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics) for Revenue Cycle Management. b. successful application of Data Science and Analytics for Healthcare Fraud, Car Injury Fraud, Pharmacy drug fraud, Workplace injury as it correlates with Worker’s Compensation Fraud and no fraud, and Consumer fraud in Healthcare arising from Banking (Behavioral Analytics- calculus, Link  analysis, Feedforward and back propagation neural net algorithms, Hidden Markov Models or HMM etc).  
  5. We analyze and find value-added information from Linear Systems transpiring into Non-linear Systems (Multivariate Statistics, AI and Machine Learning Algorithms):  Risk sharing and Risk adjustment analytics, Preventive care and Quality analytics, Regulatory affairs analytics such as Hospital Readmissions, Value-based care such as new metrics extraction and variable creation from Applied Machine Learning algorithms, Patient satisfaction scores. Furthermore, in Patient Drug Adherence, Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) Management, CVD, Sleep Apnea and stroke etc. use cases, our service focuses on finding patients likely to be chronic over time, overutilization of healthcare resources and how best to manage outcome for chronic patients with multiple comorbidities.
  6. Retail Fraud such as those in Supply Chain, phishing/ email (Markov chain, Monte Carlo simulations, Machine Learning Methods – Random Forest, CART, BART for example) and eCommerce (speech recognition and eye density algorithm).
  7. Marketing efficiencies drivers in Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Marketing – micro-segmentation for example.
  8. IoT in HVAC and Energy and Utility Industry: Find fast forward rules to aid deductive and inductive reasoning for Business optimization (makes or save money) from Statistics, Unsupervised, Semi-supervised and Supervised Machine Learning algorithms.