Why we are great in Analytics

Many believe being great in analytics is heavy investment in technology, but analytics is all about communications about business. The goal of analytics to understand business and decisions are never made from guesses and assumptions. We always, 100% of the time, make informed decisions. To achieve this goal, we need to listen to data and listen to client’s pain points. Any company that does this effectively will be great in analytics.  What this means is a vision that gives us goals and sets us as a great analytics company.  So our goals make us great at analytics and they are as followings:-

  1. We hire curious minds or knowledge seekers in India and USA at low cost and train them how to ask right questions.
  2. We’re Research and Development company – add to client’s Balance sheet from mathematical innovations.
  3. We strive to make money for the client from their technology and software – help them with right sizing their tools and technology so that they don’t spend lots of time managing tools- rather making money.
  4. We lead with a clear understanding of Analytics; not with hype.  That means we create great metrics for customers because great metrics are easy to understand and communicate.  For example, “number of credit risk customers joined Automatic pay per month” says a lot to Energy and Utility customer.  Higher this number, lower the business risks to the client’s company.
  5. We let the data speak the stories it has for customers.  In other words, the metrics discovered should be Linear with respect to Business goals. For a given month and dollar gained by client’s company; linear metrics puts more money in customer’s pocket.  This also means metrics will be applicable to any company within client’s industry.
  6. Travel the last mile on a difficult hike that few companies know how to (Differentiated Analytics Strategy): – find new use cases from small/ minute signals and then package that into a product for the client. Since such products are built from a curious mind or deductive and inductive reasoning; it takes time for competition to catch up.
  7. Great Analytics Company starts with right data or never clean away money making targets! That translates into Domain expertise. We are great analytics company because we have acquired domain expertise in as little as one month in the communication industry and impacted the business significantly in dollar terms.
  8. We are great in analytics because we’re fearless in innovations! We’ve got the guts to compete with Billion Dollar North Highland Management consulting company for Energy and Utility Industry Predictive Analytics and Forecasting projects and beat them in their own game by devising a “Light Box” Neural Network or it had recommendations built into it that business owners loved it! We had nothing to explain; they had it as syrup on a platter.
  9. We are great at analytics because we beat Two Billion $ IT company from India with the pace of acquiring domain expertise and Machine learning methodology research and applications with Sense of Urgency for Healthcare Fraud Predictive Analytics in Property and casualty analytics.
  10. We’re great at Analytics because our direct access to very high quality at low Cost in India and USA also. And we genuinely offer career development in terms of advance educational opportunities in South Dakota, Nebraska and Utah; not just show brand value like many top technology companies in Silicon Valley (and they are scratching head on high turnover from their brand value).