Double Check Consulting Services / Offering

We’re an integrator type of company. Our job is to integrate our clients with their clients 100% through solutions, software and resources. We’re business centric company to help customers; from IT platforms to Data Sciences needs. Our services are as below:

  1. Big-Data-as-a-Service: We build local models from all data sources coming to a platform and then develop several global models from local models to understand data and value of data sources for clients. This Model Mining Analytics from patterns provides us insights to client’s data sources by answering question,” which data sources are responsible for providing smart data?” or “which data sources have more difficult variety”. Many companies are interested in technology adoption however, the very fast pace of Big Data technologies innovation wrapped in hype allows very little to do in-house. Many companies struggle with data governance and unable to answer, “What unknown use cases are damaging to business?” Big investment project like AI requires this; our service besides adding value generates trust quickly.
  2. Fast-Analytics-as-a-service. Pattern mining is good to find out signals from Data Lake and related Big Data technologies. But for fraud and cyber-security use cases, the idea is to find risk behaviors unknown to everyone. Hence, need to get down to individual claims and data rows to find outlier behavioral information. Plenty of such observations make customized rules for risk management proactively with sense of urgency; good results start showing up within 30 days. There’re no limits to Mathematical methods and machine learning algorithms here. Client’s benefit from it as many false positive and false negatives are discovered and removed from business processes. Claims with outlier observations have higher ranking and in turn creates good conversation towards money saving. This service helps with developing consulting to prototype to industry specific software that supplements Predictive analytics software,
  3. Big- Analytics-as-a-services. When Clients are interested in a use case, they want to know all about it. But their actionable information is limited because many of these uses cases need incremental learning and that’s prohibitive in-house. We apply on each of these use cases from very basic statistics to machine learning algorithms, which help a lot in multiple industries. The information from this service is harvested and put in the hands of business owners who use them and drive value. This process usually results into consulting to prototype to AI based Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics software.
  4. Data-Sciences-as-a-Services.  Often clients have big data with plenty of dark data; difficult to find insights. This usually results in failure because companies don’t know how to make business out of mathematics and statistics to find right hypotheses.  For example, our hypotheses “as the data volume increases, certain parts of data rise in interestingness to business owners in their industry; left over data over time likely to create dark data – profitable but unknown entity”, results into leveraging most out of platform/ technology. For healthcare fraud we proposed ,”when providers who up-code procedures switch to down-code them, then unnecessary care and billing services not provided occurs” and saved millions of dollars from this behavioral hypothesis. Healthcare denials of claims due to over-treatment, over-payment, fraud allegations etc. are difficult to resolve between government, payer and hospital. Hence to help out we proposed,” Higher than expected velocity of clinically plausible claims results into denial of claims.” For energy and utility industry we proposed,” as the zip code similarity increases, propensity of customer defaults increases” and saved lots of dollars.” So we’re good at figuring out pieces of puzzle and put these insights to clients to save and make money.
  5. Resources-as-a-Service We help companies with talented and experienced Data Scientists and Citizen Data Scientists at reasonable onshore and offshore rates. We reach out with warm hands to clients by recognizing faults in data and making sense with difficult data. We motivate resources to create story around data. We strive to simplify the understanding about business from customer’s data. For us, algorithms have no value if we find an insight that save or makes little money for clients. Hence, resources are our biggest data; we’ve standing offer to hire BS, MS and PhDs from University of Illinois, Utah State University, University of Nebraska, South dakota State University and top universities in India. We also have network that includes doctors, coders, and engineers in India. We can scale up to 100 resources in three months or less to execute our Services VPE: Nimble, New and Niche.

6. C2S or Consulting to Software Services: After working out several hypotheses for clients, we package them in customized software solutions just for their business and for their competitive advantage. They complement to and minimize bleeding when Predictive Analytics models are going stale and is under refresh stage as well, which is several times in a year. Plus, a predictive analytics solution is tested randomly against incoming claims before putting in production. Hypotheses based software can answer questions such as, “Why some claims did not act according to predictive analytics solution?” Solutions that allow end client to match the customer base are easier to adopt and often find fast success. That why Hypotheses based solutions also blossom into tools that can minimize false positives and negatives in Risk management in client’s customer base.