Vision: Breaking Barriers with Innovations for Clients.

Double Check Consulting is a Friction-less Analytics company with Business Edge! We stratify fraudulent claims data, reduce costs, develop, monitor, and evaluate programs so that improved efficiencies result into better financial, operational, and clinical decisions. Not only are we Technical Experts on Mathematical algorithm development but also passionate about value-added communication about Healthcare Fraud data. Our Big Data/ Healthcare Analytics Thought Leadership articles written has helped many Decision Makers. They have been able to separate hype from AI. It goes to show we’re not in the crowd; rather we tell the crowd what to do in Healthcare Fraud Analytics and Big Data space. Our Double Check Consulting Facebook page has wealth of open source knowledge on Healthcare Big Data Analytics and, we have helped 100’s of talents to transition smoothly from IT to Data Science.

We know that in addition to creative analytic solutions to solve some of the fraud issues, healthcare organizations (health plans, employer groups, CMS etc) also need to develop procedural, structural, and insightful metrics to measure and monitor processes to improve the ROI through the elimination of “gamed” processes. We will analyze the reports and dashboards to come up with innovations in this regard for your company. Drawing on the Healthcare Fraud experiences from UnitedHealth Group, Verisk Health, Medsolutions, Blue Shield of CA, we develop fraud solutions that is actionable for healthcare organization. We incorporate what Algorithms works in other industries such as E commerce Fraud and Retail Fraud. Hence, we combine Supervised and Unsupervised statistical algorithms. This means using AI when needed. We feel using AI from hype is increasing cost of doing business for clients. That’s how we’ve saved $60 Million in from healthcare fraud use cases (Healthcare, Car injury and Worker’s compensation). We really mean when we say,”we take client’s insight pains and provide provide peace of mind as gain.”

In collaboration with global IT companies, we are competent and sufficient to hit the ground running on your Healthcare Analytics and/or Big Data projects! Our differentiation is Innovation and the enthusiasm it brings to critical resources in your company. Silicon Valley Entrepreneurs and educated in the USA, ours is a unique way of problem-solving and engaging communication with companies. Since we bring deep industry experience to your mission-critical projects, our approach to data is “tease it with a sense of urgency!” We know data is always dirty. However, with a complete and thorough knowledge of healthcare fraud data and Big Data methodologies, and armed with a sophisticated and powerful visual data mining and predictive analytics suite of tools, we convert raw data into useful and usable information so that your company can make better financial, operational, and clinical decisions.