Mission: Find insights that are easy to understand, easy to explain, and easy to apply in databases.

What is Visual Analytics? 

Visual analytics is a very powerful approach to detect the expected but more importantly to discover the unexpected. Our AgriTech Tool helps explore raw data so we can understand the data and understand the characteristics because many opaque Machine Learning algorithm have no visual analytics, for example Support Vector Machine (SVM). ( https://backbox.com/harnessing-the-power-of-machine-learning-in-inventory-management/  ). There’s vast application SVM algorithm in all industry globally, We’re First in World to figure out Visual Analytics needs of SVM algorithm after more than one year research on SQL data. Purpose of AI and Machine Learning is Prediction but they lack visualization causing lack  of trust in insights; leads to no decisions made from data and wastes millions of dollars worth infrastructure talent and time.  Random Forest is another one whose visualization in Agriculture serves little purpose. 

Double Check Consulting AgriTech Visual Analytics includes non-linear splines such Adaptive Regression Splines. We’ve researched many calculus equations that breaks the Time Series Big Data  into digestible form   and in Excel environment, our Visual Analytics offers tremendous opportunity to minimize multiple Risks to Crop Yield. Furthermore, We complement Excel Visual Analytics with Reference Learning or combinations of powerful mathematics and visualization of Multivariate Statistics to understand Crop Yield Losses. That means human-in-loop or a business experts makes decision on what all these patterns mean and figure out how such insights impact bottom line of company.

Double Check Consulting was founded by Navin Sinha; he has 30 years of data analysis experience in Agriculture. For example, he has analyzed data from Murrow Plots at University of Illinois, Urbana, IL – oldest corn genetics research station in the world. He studied at the best schools in India and USA, and also has rigorous biotechnology background. He has created “Karma” Tomato Variety that is the sweetest in the USA. His “waitNOmore” Tomato variety has more than 9 months of shelf life and continuing. It is the only variety in the world for “On-Demand Harvesting”. In the process of creating such varieties, as a Plant Breeder with more than 5 years of Mathematics and Statistics training, he has created like a Start-up seed company with 100K+ seeds. They can be used for climate resiliency, food flavor, reduce food waste and hunger. Plus such a unusual shelf life also shows anti-fungal, antibiotic, anti-aging and longevity gene hunting in Humans. As per Univ. of CA, Davis, Tomato and Humans have 60% of same genes and only 7,300 genes make a Tomato.